Our Foundress

Anne Marie Javouhey, The life Anne Marie Javouhey is the deeply morning story of a French girl, Nanette, who become later Sister Anne Marie Javouhey.

She was born at Jallanges, a little hamlet of Burgundy on a crisp autumn day of November 10, 1779, of a wealthy farm couple, Balthazar and Claudine Javouhey.

She became an outstanding nine-tenth century religious figure. She in the days of the French Revolution had known opposition and threats. That was to be one side of her whole life.

She became a nun despite of her parent’s opposition and founded the Sisters of St. Joseph’s of Cluny, dedicated to the education of children of all nationality and religion. She was the 1st women missionary who ventured to undertake the liberation of slaves of Africa and Central America.

She died in 1851. She was beatified on October 15, 1950.