Cluny Ethos

St. Joseph’s School, is a catholic educational establishment where we provide a welcoming and secure environment for boys and girls. Opportunities are provided for each individual to develop their latent potential to become fully human and to respect themselves and others.

Anne Marie was a women steeped in the gospels, a free woman, an educator of youth, and liberator of slaves, ready to do everything to alleviate human distress. Her pedagogy was based on strong convictions and on her vision of what it means- she said, “Education consist in showing persons how to “be” more and not only to “have” more. They should become better not only for themselves but also with and for others”.

Cluny education has, from its inception, devoted to education of students from all levels of society, from a perspective of justice. It challenges students to become aware of injustice in the world and to work with others towards the liberation of unjust structures so that the poor, oppressed and the marginalized of the society are set free.